If you’re considering moving to Jacksonville, there’s a wide range of great suburbs that would make for a great place to live. They’ll be a lot of different factors you’ll need to consider before buying a Jacksonville home, from how much you want to spend on your cost of living to the proximity to work and schools, to the different attractions that may be important to you and your family.

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Jacksonville, Florida, there’s a lot of locations in the area you’re going to want to consider when looking to buy a home. AgentChase has took the time to list (6) popular locations around the area and what makes each one so special and attractive. The (6) that made our list include;

  • Atlantic Beach
  • Orange Park
  • Neptune Beach
  • San Marco
  • Avondale/Riverside
  • Jacksonville Beach

Learn more about each area below, and follow the links to for an in-depth look at living in these areas, as well as view available properties to gain a sense of the current market.

Atlantic Beach

If you have the beach on the brain, you’re going to want to live somewhere with easy access to one of our best beaches. Your time off living in Atlantic Beach will give you plenty of things to do from walking the beach to hitting the water.

This Jacksonville area neighborhood is great if you enjoy the markets. They have a market, known as “Wednesday Market,” which is for produce and crafts. It’s a great area of community events that will allow you to meet others and connect. Check out Arts in the Park going on in this area and of course, a visit to Beaches Town Center is going to be a frequent occurrence.

Orange Park

If you want an area that’s very active and has plenty to do, make sure you give Orange Park a moment.

Orange Park is a great location for all ages in Jacksonville. It’s known for always having something to do, such as the Farmer’s Market and a wide range of community events. It’s also a popular choice for the charming, eclectic housing options. If you’re considering buying a home in Jacksonville, be sure to check out the area.

Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach is a dreamy location in Jacksonville. It’s perfect for beachside living whether you’re looking for a beachside bungalow or a modern townhouse. This area is actually known for having some of the lowest unemployment rates in the area too. You’ll love the views and the people at Neptune Beach.

San Marco

San Marco will take you to a great option for those that want to be close to work downtown. You’re close to downtown and living in one of the most walkable areas of Jacksonville. It’s the place to go for the arts scene, dining, and entertainment. You’ll love the historic charm of this affluent neighborhood too since this area was built in the 1920s.


If you want to be close to bars and an overall upbeat atmosphere, you’ll want to live in the Avondale/Riverside neighborhood. It’s a fun area with homes dating back to the 1860s. The area is full of history, if you’re into that, you’d love the area. The area has good vibes, always a lot going on and plenty to do.

Jacksonville Beach

Of course, Jacksonville Beach is one of the most popular choices for all ages, but many younger adults prefer the area. Oceanfront living is awesome and there is a freedom element to that. You feel alive, you feel great, and there’s very few areas in the world that can give you that type of feeling.

Being able to hit the beach anytime you want is a dream for many of us and this area has a great variety of housing options with different price points available. In Jacksonville Beach, you’ll find a little bit of everything, there’s always something for everyone. You’ll love the focus on arts and culture in Jax Beach, as well as the phenomenal restaurants and shops in the area. Wherever you choose to live in Jacksonville, you’ll love the active and well-balanced lifestyle as well as the great economy you can find living here.

Check out these neighborhood options for your professional and recreational lifestyle in Jacksonville. Contact a Real Estate Agent at AgentChase today to help make a decision and get you in the home of your dreams!